Dialogue Recording and Editing

Dialogue Recording and Editing

We have many years experience recording and editing dialogue, be it narration for long form projects or 30 second Tv voiceovers. A great range of microphones as well as industry standard Plugins, ensures great results every time. We take time to ensure that the best performances are recorded with the best equipment. We are also very experienced producers as well dedicated to getting the best performance.


Whether its Sound Fx design for a Drama, commercial or short film, we can supply foley fx for all genres of Visual storytelling.

Foley Chicken and microphone

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Soundtrack Mixing

Based on a powerful Nuendo workstation, we can mix soundtracks with virtually unlimited tracks in Stereo or surround formats, in sync with vision.

Sound Design and Editing

Cutting edge sound design for Drama, Commercials and Documentaries. We have an extremely comprehensive sound effects library with over 100 libraries represented in every category. As well as sound fx we have numerous Synths and Samplers to modify and create unique sounds. Audio Editing is based around a Powerful Nuendo workstation.


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Music Mixing, Mastering and Editing

At Sonic Solutions we offer a comprehensive Music mixing,mastering and editing facility. Our Nuendo workstation coupled with high resolution Lynx converters ensures that we maintain a very high standard of signal conversion and great sound quality.


Dialogue replacement for any production large or small. We have vast experience in dialogue replacement, and matching dialogue to environmental backgrounds.

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I have spent over 40 years working in the industry and over that time I have amassed a large collective body of work in many genres.I believe that film and music are intrinsically linked and use my experience as a musician to best advantage when working with music recording and producing.I have also worked with orchestra’s and my work with The Tasmanian Symphony Chamber players resulted in the CD that we recorded winning an Aria award which gave me considerable credibility with my peers and with the classical genre.

I worked for the Nine network and in the early 90’s decided that I wanted to branch out on my own. I set up sonic solutions to provide audio solutions for all aspects of film and video production.It is a first point of contact for Production companies wishing to do ADR, Location or Foley recording.To see a selection of my current work please click on the link below

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Voice Bank

I have had the good fortune to be able to work with many talented people over the course of my extensive career working in television, movies and as the director of my company sonic solutions. I continue to work with a collective of top voice actors who offer a wide range of styles and solutions for my clients requirements/needs. The following is a collection of samples from the voice over artists I have connections with.

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Voice Bank


TasTAFE Screen Lecturer

I began my career with The Tasmanian Film Corporation in 1977 and since then, I have been involved in the film industry, I have worked for programs like Willessee at 7, Sixty Minutes, Four Corners, A Big Country and The 7.30 Report. My area of expertise is as a Sound Designer and Audio Post Production specialist. I actively work in the industry and have an extensive CV.

I have had considerable experience in teaching Film Craft and Audio Design. My teaching experience includes work on the ABC, at Claremont College and 4 years lecturing in Audio Design at UTAS Conservatorium of Music. I bring a wealth of experience to the Screen and Media course and have worked with some of Australia’s best Directors of Photography, Journalists and Film Editors.

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